Luhtech Jet offers top quality and on time service. Our customers can vouch for it!

We have had our Citation serviced with Luhtech Jet for years and have gone through 2 Phase 1-5's with them. They have always done quality work and have made sure it was done on time so we could maintain our flight schedule.

-Richard B.
Palm Beach

Many thanks to Mark and crew with helping us with the repair and Freon air conditioning install on our Turbine Commander. The extra help with the DAR for the export to Brazil was great.
-Milan M.
Ft. Lauderdale

All I can say is they are the best Westwind shop around. They have earned my trust completely.

-Roberto A.
Opa Locka

Thanks again for the great service on my Mooney. I will definitely be back.

-Jay E.
Palm Beach

Great job on the Conquest 2,3,D inspection.

Stuart Fl

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