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Luhtech Jet was founded by Mark Luhtala to provide professional aircraft maintenance services in Palm Beach County Florida. His service has been continued under the direction of Matthew Hood. Luhtech Jet's facility is located just north of Palm Beach International Airport at North County Airport(F45). Luhtech Jet has hangars able to service aircraft as large as Gulfstreams and also smaller hangars primarily used for piston aircraft.

Luhtech Jet is also a Certified FAA 145 Repair Station with a FAA approved Anti-Drug Policy.

Luhtech Jet
11250 Aviation Blvd #8
West Palm Beach, Florida 33412
Phone: 561-622-8665
Fax: 561-282-0826

Matthew Hood
Phone: 561-622-8665
Cell: 423-608-5075
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